Anomura aims to become the world's first "Ocean-Positive" Play-and-Earn game
Amidst the $1 billion carbon credit market there's a push for sustainability across the market with a goal of bringing the world closer to becoming carbon neutral. But not everything is as rosy as it may seem.
Tesla teaches Web3 how to make products people actually want
Tesla has arguably done more for environmentalism than most green projects put together. By making the best cars not be gas guzzlers, they dramatically changed the environmental outlook for the entire auto industry, and aligned consumers' interest in amazing products with society's long-term interests. Web3 would do well to take note.
Forget Play-to-Earn-Factory NFTs Are the New Crypto Gaming Meta
Play-to-earn gaming took the NFT space by storm in 2021, but a new group of crypto games is gaining popularity by employing a new "factory NFT" model. Factory NFTs let players mint other in-game assets, incentivizing adoption without relying on inflationary tokenomics.
Six exciting companies to look for at NFT.NYC this year
NFT.NYC 2022 is right around the corner, and excitement is running high. For any NFT enthusiast, the event is an opportunity to hear from, experience, and invest in projects in some of the most innovative and creative NFT projects out there.
1st Ocean-Positive P&E Game To Launch via Anomura, Aerial Collab By CoinQuora
After a Week of Green Rally Crypto Market Trades in Red By CoinQuora After a week of the positive rally, the market slumps back to red. Bitcoin and Ethereum lost 3.3% and 5.7%, respectively in 24 hours. A Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) analyst reminds users...
The Bitcoin Question on Everyone's Mind
Will Bitcoin rise again? Bitcoin maximalists who have been through the ups and downs of the crypto market since the beginning have a simple answer when asked about their crypto portfolio. Usually, it's some variation of the following: "Now is the time to buy-because in the next few years bitcoin will overtake the market cap of gold and hit a million USD."
LA Weekly - Anomura
Long Do On of Anomura The Future of Gaming
Test your game, get feedback. Test again. Repeat. Get some titles out there! Even if there are less than 10 people that have tried it, at least you've gone through the experience to learn how to build the next iteration. Thank you so much for doing this with us!
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Can video games raise environmental awareness? Anomura CEO shares his thoughts
Listen to this episode from HIPTHER Talks on Spotify. In this episode, Zoltan talks with Long Do, a technopreneur and a game director of Anomura.A weekly podcast about life, technology, entertainment, and business in general. Things in our focus: deep tech, mental health, community initiatives, artificial intelligence, blockchain, gaming and gambling, esports, augmented reality, virtual reality, marketing, creative thinking, fintech, and many more.
Pixel Art, Sustainability and Future of Web3 Gaming - Interview with Anomura Founder, Long Do
Listen to this episode from The Settlers on Spotify. Interview with Anomura Founder, Long Do